Kat'Lee Jones

Singer Songwriter



Kat’ Lee Jones is a singer-songwriter from Belgium who has since 2009 made Nashville her new found home . Accompanied by her guitar, she delivers songs with compelling compassion, heartening emotion and infectious strength.Kat`lee Jones has been performing for over 23 years on different stages and various types of bands. In 1990, she was the lead singer with Punk band Purge and in 1997 she did backing vocals for punk band Red Zebra. Then from 1997 till 2006 covered with Mrs Nice Guy and Angel Eyes and irresistible.

One of her most memorable performances was with Joe Cocker and Laatste Show Band ‘backing vocals’ in 2007.  Her vast sounds included country with Bruno Deneckere in the Ancienne Belgique in Brussels. Inspired by Bruno Deneckere, Kat`Lee writes her own repertoire in a short time. Her songs embody being positive, building confidence, and from personal experience, finding your own way in life and through a journey for love.


With only a guitar in-hand and a piercing voice, Kat’Lee Jones brings passionate and empowering songs that move the soul…and your feet. She is currently working on a project to alleviate PTSD for returning soldiers through her music and eventually at her Center for “Re-programmation”. “It is music that uproots deeply engrained trauma, and transforms it while purging it – so that it is replaced by a boost of self-awareness, nourishment, appreciation for all that you are, and most importantly, acceptance for the purpose of betterment and growth”, explains OEF/ OIF Veteran, TSgt Pampo. Kat’Lee’s music also targets those  who have suffered from abuse, whether by someone else, or themselves. She explains, “Re-programmation will help alleviate the trauma and switch those connections to help individuals evolve into a wholesome being to find their true selves.”

Her music can best be described as a mixture between country and americana. She has been singing in various stages doing various styles of music, from originals to covers and from rock to country. In fact, she discovered her knack for country a few years ago and immediately set off to write her own collection of songs that suit her and her voice best. Her live performances are intimate, but dynamic and energetic, and empowering. Whether she plays an acoustic set in front of just a handful of listeners or a major stage in front of thousands, she delivers a strong performance, wowing her audience with her passionate voice and songs that paints pictures of life and love. Kat’Lee turns every performance into an event you won’t forget.

The humble beginning started when she visited Nashville in August of 2007 where she discovered her heart and home. A performance at the world famous’ Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge during that first visit to Nashville left a big impression to all that attended and word spread like wildfire. It was that impression that earned her an invitation to perform at the 2008’s annual CMA’s Global Artist Night, the official kick off of the CMA Music Fest, Country Music’s Biggest Party. Again she wowed her audience and it was then and there that Kat”lee knew where she really belonged, in Nashville. 1 year later her love for music and Music City compelled her to move to Nashville where she immediately felt at home. Never forgetting where she came from, she has vowed to return to Europe a few times a year to keep in touch with her European fans and show her deepest gratitude for those who supported her since the beginning of her love for music and performing.

Kat’Lee Jones is available for acoustic performances in a small setting as well as a full band appearances on bigger stages and festivals.


“Feeling the center where it all began. Feeling the white light, feeling there and then. Feeling where I came from, love and eternity.Feeling the trust you have, feel what it brings to me.”

– Kat`Lee